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Terrys Trekks acknowledges and pays respect to the Australian Aboriginal Community as traditional , original , and continuing custodians , including Elders , past and present on the land and country through which we travel . Terence Edwards .

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"I crawled through the opening behind me in the photo, to get through to a large crack in the rock-face. Brought out the adventurer in me. "

Alistair - Bush Rangers Tour

August 3 , 2020

I enjoyed walking in the hills around Numinbah Valley on the weekend. Spectacular! I went with www.facebook.com/TTrekks
and really enjoyed learning from Terry Edwards about the flora
and history of the area.

Annotation 2020-05-30 131324.jpg

Exploratory in nature


Look no further than our

1Day Cave Trekk


$95 per person


Mt Wagawn

2Day Trekk

Spectacular Views

and a Serene Camp

on top of Mt Wagawn peak

A truly real Trekking Experience


4K drone footage available

Mt Merino

Mt Merino

4Day Trekk

Discover Rarely seen Waterfalls 

The Scenic Rim of The Caldera Cauldron

Nights on ridge caps

Mornings in

Captivating Nature 

4K drone footage available 



2Night Camp - Private tour

A Trekk into a the Beauty of our Region 

Camping under the Stars

Make your dream experience

a smooth walk in nature

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  • ßµ§h Råñgê§ Çåvê§ †rêkk grade2:easy low-risk $95 per person

    Mon, Wed, Sat

    4 hr 30 min

    95 Australian dollars
  • $275 per person grade:4 medium å 2Day Trekk


    29 hr

    275 Australian dollars
  • $750 per person grade:4 medium (extended overnight walk)

    750 Australian dollars

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